About Us

Rage Publishing is an established and leading creative packager of partwork and continuity publishing and mixed-media publishing products for both mass and specialist markets.

Situated in Essex, in beautiful offices with stunning coastal views, we provide a friendly and tranquil working environment that can perform at the highest level.

From the complex stage of creating and developing new and exciting project ideas, to producing a range of engaging, informative and entertaining products, we have built a reputation by consistently delivering above and beyond expectation.

The company has developed strong relationships with leading UK and international publishers, including International Masters Publishers, De Agostini, GE Fabbri, Hachette Partworks and Atlas Editions UK, and has been involved in the test and launch of many successful published series.

Our resourceful and traditional editorial and design talents are complimented by state-of-the-art web design and optimisation, in-house photographic facilities, film production and editing, set building and full DVD and CD-Rom production. We have specialist in house teams providing further services, such as creative consultancy, new brand creation, corporate identity, advertising, direct marketing
and sales promotion.

We provide media neutral thinking and will create the most effective solutions for each of our clients, bringing them to life through original and refreshing creative and editorial ideas of the highest quality.