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Ho Chi Minh City’s New Book Street

A 220-meter street in Ho Chi Minh City’s district 7 will become a new pedestrian-only book street next month, the municipal Department of Culture and Sports said on Tuesday.

Last year, Nguyen Van Binh in district 1 became the first book street. In the first half of this year, the book street hosted over 1.2 million local and foreign visitors, and saw book sales of 19.7 billion Vietnamese dong (nearly 0.9 million U.S. dollars).

Using Twitter To Promote Your Books

Twitter is one of the newest social media websites around.  MySpace was the original social media website but has since been outgrown by Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  While many people think that Twitter just requires a simple sign up and automation, there is a lot more than can be done.  For example, did you know that many users do not follow people that follow them?  How about the fact that direct messages can be one of the most important features of Twitter?  Are you prepared to take your account into the world wide web?

While there may be many questions about Twitter for business the good news is that they are easily answered.  Many businesses have already created successful Twitter accounts that have allowed them to provide customer relationship management and other vital functions online.  Best of all, creating an account on Twitter and optimizing it for use cost them nothing but time.  Time is one of the greatest resources that a business and an individual can have.  However, once an employee has been hired many businesses delegate them to only one task.  Employees can actually be tasked with multiple tasks once they have been trained properly to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Come up with an interesting background for your business’s Twitter account.  Some businesses start out with the default background and immediately look like they do not care.  Either choose a template that Twitter has provided or have a custom template designed.  Custom designs can include vital contact information for your business and do not cost more than one hundred dollars.  Should you already have a graphic designer or an employee with graphic design skills on your staff the cost is much, much less.

Post your new Twitter account to other social media accounts such as Facebook, and YouTube.  Also, ensure that customers who stop into your business location know about the new Twitter account.  Have a promotion saying that any customer who makes a purchase with a code you put on your Twitter account gets 10% off one item. Oftentimes you will only have to give away something small and people will flock to the account in dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people.

Use a name that represents your business for your Twitter account.  Sometimes people believe they are cute by posting with names that mean nothing or are extremely strange.  While that might be useful for your personal life, the goal is to build up the brand of the business as much as possible.  The more you do to associate the official business dealings with the official business brand name the better the brand will stick.  This also has to do with the design of the Twitter background.  Try to match the design to graphics that you already use in your store or website.  Make the image stick out in individuals head to have the best possible effect.